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The community of Sokolow Malopolski is located in the north part of Rzeszow district, in podkarpackie voivodeship. It is 24 km away from Rzeszow. It is placed on the Kolbuszowski Plateau, between the two rivers Wisla and San. The community takes the area of 134,1 square kilometre; 31,3 square kilometre are forests, 95.3 square kilometre are arable land. The city Sokolow Malopolski is located on the crossroad of five roads leading to: Rzeszow, Kolbuszowa, Lezajsk, Lancut and Lublin.

The city Sokolow was established in 1569 by a prefect Jan Pilecki. The king Zygmunt August confered on it the city rights. The renaissance planning of streets and a big square in the centre showed its commercial and craft character. In 1608, Sokolow was attacked and robbed by Stanislaw Stadnicki. In 1657 it was attacked by the Rakoczy army and in 1672 plandered by the Tatars. However, the city managed to quickly develop into a robust craft centre. It was especially famous for goods of a shoemaker, carpenter, potter, weaver and smith. During the period of partition, Sokolow was conquested by the Austrians. In the second half of the XIX-century, Sokolow was the capital of Rzeszow district for a few years. In 1863 and 1904 the city was burned in a big fire. The German army stepped into Sokolow on September 10th, 1939. On July 1944 the city was severely damaged by German air bombardment.

The city nowadays
At present, it is one out of the 14 communities of Rzeszow district and 160 of podkarpackie voivodeship. It consists of the city Sokolow and ten villages: Górno, Kąty Trzebuskie, Markowizna, Nienadówka, Trzeboś, Trzeboś Podlas, Trzebuska, Turza, Wólka Niedźwiedzia, Wólka Sokołowska. Now, the community has 4.041 citiziens and 12.667 villagers. The average population in the city area is 258 people per 1 square kilometer, whereas in the village area it is 106 people per 1 square kilometre. The community Sokolow is rather an agricultural region. There are 3.394 active farms on the surface of about 3.75 hectare. More than a half of an agricultural land (4.8180) is reclaimed. Mostly, you can meet here the cultivation of corn and plants, as well as strawberries in Nienadówka, Trzebosia and Trzebuska. Animal production is dominated by swine and cattle breeding.

Sokolowska land, located in the area of the past primeval forest, is really attractive for tourists. In the renaissance city you can admire the XVIII-century chapels, many monuments of the wooden and stoned architecture. Worth seeing are beautiful churches: a wooden one in Wólka Niedźwiedzia from 1607, a stoned one from the XIX- century in Trzebosia and Nienadówka, and one from the beginning of the XX-century in Górno and Sokolow. There are also many wayside chapels and figures from the XVIII-century. Really interesting is the urban arrangement of the old part of Sokolow, especially picturesque streets. In a presbiterian garden there is an attractive moat from the beginning of the XVII-century. You can also admire here the Jewish cemetery from the XVIII-century.

Urząd Gminy i Miasta w Sokołowie Małopolskim (the City and Common Office)
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Tel. +48 17 7729019
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email: ugim@sokolow-mlp.pl
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